Peter North is a Strength and Conditioning Coach with 11 years of experience. He is a graduate of Liverpool John Moore's University in Liverpool, England earning a BSc [Hons] in Sports and Exercise Science majoring in Sports and Clinical Biomechanics with a secondary focus on Sports Nutrition and  Performance Psychology.

Peter is a member of the UK Strength & Conditioning Association (UKSCA) and is trained in Teaching and Assisted Learning Level 2, specialising in electronic information and technology learning.

Peter's expertise is in Biomechanics, Injury Prevention, Performance Psychology and Periodization. He combines this skill set with his background in military conditioning, teaching and coaching science. Peter provides a uniquely client-focused, global approach.

As the Founder of P. North Fitness (, he specializes in Military Conditioning, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and Sports Performance. He has combined his unique, individual approach with a multidisciplinary strategy as leader in various sports. Peter has also worked with elite members of the military and those seeking to be involved in the work of those units. His continued growth, self-education and past hands on experience have shaped his philosophy, which is:

  • Improvement of the whole individual is key to reaching elite standards.
  • There's no place for ego. There's only a place for consistent improvement and modification, moving toward professional excellence in performance and personal conduct.
  • There are no badges, hierarchies or structures that should replace human qualities, expertise and learning. Peter remains open to learning to from everyone. If you have something to teach him, continued learning and personal development is always welcome.
  • Success can only come from challenge. Peter pushes his clients to evaluate, adapt and overcome challenges and obstacles. He includes the same lessons of leadership and character building that he's learned through practical experience. With these skills he provides character focused lessons allowing clients to build strong, quiet confidence, humility and enduring humour in the face of any obstacle.
Peter has experienced and personally tried a wide variety of strength and conditioning methods over his time in the fitness industry giving him in depth personal insight in the fine details of gaining peak fitness. Peter will provide a unique perspective on fitness based on military, scientific and many more background areas. Peter blends the best of these fitness areas together to get his clients the best results.

Peter is a specialist in Core Strength and has designed many programs in that area for athletes, soldiers and individuals looking to gain peak fitness. He has designed specific strength conditioning programs aimed at improving all aspects of Core Strength.

Peter’s methods within Strength and Conditioning are firmly based on functional training combined with performance enhancing nutrition and specialist psychological training. Each individual workout contains a specific combination of /strength and conditioning moves along with mental techniques designed improve the mental toughness and self confidence of the individual. Motivational methods are also provided designed to create an unbeatable positive attitude and determined mindset in the face of challenge.

Peter is also an expert in MMA training. His MMA training programs can help you reach peak fitness levels and master your fighting method and fighter’s mindset. A long with strength and conditioning you will perform specially designed programs in order to improve the toughness of your body. MMA training programs designed by Peter will give you everything you need to reach the highest levels possible for your competition potential.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to Peter don't hesitate to contact him via the details below:

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