What makes working with me different?

With so many Performance Coaches on the market, it can be hard to know why one Coach is different from the rest.

So why should you train with one Coach over another?

Well here are the differentiating factors that make me different from most other Coaches you'll ever work with:

  1. Other Coaches charge by the hour or by the 30 minute block. I offer 90 minute training sessions linked into focused Programs for your full benefit rather than one off sessions which offer little value. In fact do a quick Google search and you'll see trainers offering a more expensive price for an hour but GIVING LESS VALUE THAN ME. If you want to gain the best value from your training, follow a Program with me right now.
  2. I have seen, worked with and experienced training around the world. I can GIVE YOU SOMETHING NO OTHER TRAINER CAN. My Programs are popular and in demand so if you want to guarantee that you get what no one else can, purchase one of my Performance Programs. Just imagine how much easier it will be to win in your chosen area when you sign up with me to learn my training secrets now.
  3. Top class results from an experienced Performance Coach. If you buy a package from me, then what you get is knowledge. I provide COMPREHENSIVE AND THOROUGH SESSIONS WHICH WILL IMPROVE ALL ASPECTS OF YOUR PERFORMANCE. With the focus on whole Performance, you will improve across more areas than you would with an average Personal Trainer or  Trainer who just specializes in areas like Fat Loss. Make sure you don't miss out - buy a Performance Program now before you leave this page because spots fill up quickly.
  4. Do you value success? I, unlike any other trainer, will help to develop you in your chosen area to reach a level of success. WOULD YOU LIKE THE VALUES OF EXCELLENCE THAT SET YOU APART? Then buy a Performance Program with me now to ensure that you get your results faster and better than with other Trainers. MOST OTHER TRAINERS WANT TO KEEP YOU DOWN SO YOU KEEP SPENDING MONEY WITH THEM. I will actively seek to develop you, so that you feel confident in any area - by empowering you with the knowledge to take control. Buy a Program now knowing that you will REACH THE SAME LEVEL OF SUCCESS AS ATHLETES AND MAJOR SPECIAL FORCES OPERATIVES.
So are you ready to push your limits and dare to win?


When polled, 4 OUT OF 5 clients advise to buy a Performance Package with me to get the best investment and experience with my NEW AND IMPROVED methods on offer.