Introducing the new P North Fitness MINUTES IN MOTION weekly tips post. This weekly short post will focus on fast workouts. There will be three different workouts for fitting into your busy lifestyle however you choose to do it. Each post will a workout for;

  1. Workouts for doing at your desk during the day
  2. Home workouts which don't require a gym
  3. 15 Minute gym workouts
Office-Quick Circuit

-Jog on the spot for 30 seconds
-Side to side hops from one for to another 30 seconds
-Jumping jacks for one minute
-Repeat this 5 times

On your chair
-join your hands and stretch over your head perform leg raises on your chair for 30 seconds
-Office chair dips 30 seconds
-Perform this 5 times
Total workout 15 minutes

Home-Body weight- Arms, Trunk and Legs Circuit

-Press ups 30 seconds
-Plank 30 seconds
-Squats 30 seconds
-Burpees 30 seconds
-Rest 1 minute between each circuit
-Repeat 5 times

Gym-15 Minute Max Muscle-Hit every muscle in 15 minutes
-Dumb bell thruster x10
-Wide Pull up x 10
-Press up on bar to Deadlift x10

-Repeat 5 times with a 1 minute rest in between


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