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If you're a Regular Reader of my Blog you'll know I like to make you all Question, and look into whatever went before to Challenge to see Information in new ways. While the concept I'm going to talk about is not new, but I will to make you think about how you apply to your own needs. As always this about High Performance, and you will Burn Fat while Building Strong Functionally Strong Body. 

I'm sure you've  all heard about the Afterburn Effect? Or to be correct its right Scientific Name Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption, Right? To put this in a very simple way this is when your Body continues to Burn Calories at a Higher Rate than normal following Intense Exercise through an Increase in Oxygen use after Exercise. However to make full effect of this we need to Consider the Body accross all levels not just manipulating Cardio to produce EPOC which is easy to do, and it does not fully Condition the Body.

What I'm going to show you are "Three Keys" on how to Use the most Effective Ways to Produce the Highest Afterburn while remaining Functional, Injury Free and able to Perform. During this Article you're going to use one of go to Methods on this Site Military Circuit Training to Maximize Intensity and Functionality for Performance.

The 3 Keys

 If you want to Maximise Afterburn while still being Functional, and Avoiding Injury you need to the following each Session:

1:Reach Maximum Heart Rate during you Session. You can have Periods of Rest but you must have Periods at Maximum Heart Rate.
2: Use as much Muscle as Possible through Different Movements.
3:Work your Core Every Session.

It is manipulating these 3 Key areas that will give you a Strong, Funcational and Robust Body.

 The Tools for Maximum Afterburn

The Methods I'm about to show you are the Three most Effective for Increasing AfterBurn Effect. On their own they will not be new to you unless you're a Beginner with no knowledge at all. However I will make a Brief outline of the Tools before I go into more Details. I'll then provide One Example of these, and move on to the Circuits I want you to use for Maximum Afterburn Effect.

1)Interval Training:This is Simply Alternating Periods of Work and Rest to affect the Intensity of Training over a Period of the Workout. These can used to develop almost ANY aspect of Conditioning.

2)Super Sets:There are lots of different Types of Super Set, but for Simplicity the basic Definition is using One Set of Two Exercises without Rest before resting for the next Super Set. For Example Barbell Back Squat, and Set of Press Ups immediately following. You would then Rest, and Repeat the designated number of Sets.

3)Split Sessions:  These are Workouts where you would Split the Cardio, and add another Element in the middle. A basic Example would be as below:

Part 1- 15 Minutes Cardio Best Effort
Part 2-Weights/Circuit/Body Weight/Abs/Etc
Part 3- 15 Minutes Cardio Best Effort

I'm going to Provide One Example of these for all of these that are my Favorites, and the I'll expand on that:

1)Interval Training:The 400m Killer
 This is called the "Killer" for Very Good reasons, and if you're doing it right you'll find out why too.
-Mark out a 400m Course/Shuttles
-Run your first Best Effort 400m Run
-Walk Rest for 200m if a Beginner,30-60 Seconds Intermediate  or Using HR Monitor if you're more Advanced
-Repeat this until you've Completed 5 Runs.
-Each Run after the first Best Effort Run should aim to be as close to that Best Time as Possible
That's all you need, and  if you've Run it Hard Enough you'll feel it.

2)Super Set:Barbell/Body Weight or Full Body/Body Weight
The Philosophy with Why I select these is simple-use as much Muscle as you can is the Shortest Space of Time to create the Biggest Impact:

Barbell + Body Weight
-Squat+Pull Up/Chins/Dips
-Deadlift+Press Ups of any Type
-Bench Press+Squats/Lunges of any Type
 You can see the Pattern is to avoid working Super Setting Upper and Lower Body if you can. Of course Abs can also be mixed into this.

Full Body + Body Weight
Burpee + Any Body Weight
Kettlebell Swing + Any Body Weight
Clean and Press+Press Up/Chins/Pull Ups/Dips
Thrusters +Pull Up/Chins/Dips/Press Ups

Doing any one of these Combinations will increase your Heart Rate, Impact the most Muscle, and increase the Afterburn Effect.

3)Split Sessions

This very Simple you do the following for Example:

Part 1:15 Minutes Run Best Effort
Part 2:Squat 15 Reps + Press Up 15 Reps
Repeat x 3 with 1-2 Minutes Rest Depending on Fitness Level
Part 3:15 Minutes Run Best Effort

The 45 Minute Workout:Putting the Tools Together

In order to make the most of these Tools you will put these together in a Short Session lasting no longer than 45 Minutes. Each of these Sessions will contain the 3 Keys as Outlined above, and give you the Ability to Maximise Afterburn Effect to Burn Fat, Build Muscle, and be Functionally Strong. Your Session would look like the Following:

Part 1-10 Minutes Cardio Best Effort Maintain One Pace
Part 2-Superset of Choice as above repeated 3 Times
Part 3- Abs Circuit:choose 3 Abs Exercises of Choice Perform 20 Reps of each followed by 2 minutes of Step Ups. Repeat this 3 times.
Part 4-10 Cardio Interval with Sprints  Finisher

This is one Example of What that would look like:

Part 1-10 Run Best Effort
Part 2-Superset of Barbell Squat 15+Press Up 15
Repeat 3 times with 1-2 Minutes Rest
Part 3- Abs Circuit:
20 Crunches
20 Reverse Crunches
20 Bicycle Crunches
2 Minutes Step Ups
Perform x 3
Part 4-10 Minutes  Cardio with 30 Second Sprint Every 3 Minutes as a Finisher

So now I've given you the Template, now how many Ideas can you come up with? Play with the Exercises, Reps, Variables that's the Beauty of the Template.  You will know you've done this right because you'll be feeling Sick at the End of each Session..

For more Information or for a Personal Program Contact Me Via the Site.

Thank You For Reading.


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