Welcome to this weeks weekly quick office workout tips post. This week I have for you a very short Office Yoga workout that be done to at your desk. Sitting at a desk on chair for long periods is one of the damaging things you can do for your muscles. Use this Office Yoga routine to wake your muscles up again.

1.Stand up strait and lock your hands together then push them over head. Tighten your abs and breath in deeply. Hold this for 15 seconds.

2.Now move your hands behind your back  put them together push them back and push your chest forward will keeping your abs tight. Try to push your hands apart. Hold this for 15 seconds.

3.Place your hands together in front of you and push your hands together tighten your abs and breath deeply. Hold for 15 seconds.

4.Roll your shoulders forwards 20 times and backwards 20 times.

5.Put your hands behind your head and move your right foot forward to a lunge position. Hold this for 15 seconds. Repeat on the left side.

6. Put your feet together and squat all the way down. Take hold of your toes and straiten your legs. When you feel a stretch on the back of your legs hold for 15 seconds.

7.Stand up strait. Move your feet as wide apart as they will go. Keeping your legs strait bend forward and try to place your hands flat on the floor. Hold this for 15 seconds.

8. To finish shake yourself off and perform hip circles with your hands on your hips circle them left 20 times and right 20 times.

Breath deeply and keep your abs tight all the way through this routine as much as you can.


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