Get your pulse raised with this quick “Dynamic Circuit” to raise he your pulse and get you mobile after a long day in the chair.

1-Jogging on the spot for 45 seconds
2-Hold your arms out to your side and begin to make small circles and begin to gradually make the circles bigger. Do this 20 times forward and 20 times backwards
3-Jogging on the spot 45 seconds
4-Exaggerated Good Mornings. Stand with your legs a little wider than shoulder width bend down as far you can touch the floor with your hands together then bring yourself back up and stretch your arms out wide as you come back up and reach upwards.
5-Jogging on the spot 45 seconds
6-High knee then kick first bring your right kne upwards then toe touch the floor and kick it out like kicking a football. Alternate with you left leg and do 10 each side.
7-Finish by jogging on the spot for 45 Seconds

8-Rest 30 seconds to one minute and repeat 3 times


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