With the current rise in "Powerbuilding" and Hybrid Strength/Bodybuilding programs, I decided to outline how you would combine the 5 TO 5 method with with Bodybuilding for those looking for a bit of something different.

Here I provide a quick overview of a 3 day a week cycle aimed at basic Strength and Hypertrophy and some of the best Bodybuilding exercises to be combined on a given day with your heavy lifting.The aim with the Hypertrophy aspects of this basic program are to maximize your "wideness" and help to give you  a strong wide look or the X look of strong legs with V shaped upper body.

My readers and owners of my book will be familiar with the the complete 5 TO 5 Program. If not you can get my book The 5 to 5 Basic Barbell Training Program here.

Below is a sample of what your program COULD look like.

5 TO 5 Barbell Training: The 3 Day a Week 5 TO 5 Barbell Training Program for Power Building

Take 90 seconds rest between sets of 10.

Monday-Deadlift and Arms:

Deadlift 5 to 5 Protocol 
Chins 4 x failure*
Drag Curls 4 x 8
Decline EZ bar triceps extension 4 x 8*
Dips 4 x failure*

*Progress to weighted dips and chins

Wednesday-Squat and Back:

Squat 5 to 5 Protocol

Lying leg curls 4 x 8

Bent over row  4 x 8
Pull Up 4 x failue*

Close Grip Pull down 4 x 8

*Progress these to weighted pull ups

Friday- Bench Press and Shoulders:

Bench Press 5 to 5 Protocol

Incline Press 4 x 8
Fly 4 x 8
Press behind Neck 4 x 8 
Lateral raise 4 x 8
Rear delt raise 4 x 8

This Bodybuilding variation of of the 5 to 5 Barbell training program gives you the some of the best Bodybuilding exercises for getting wide and producing thickness in your physique and some width to your frame. Making this a perfect Powerbuilding workout to give you the best of both worlds.

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